Whey And Glutathione Safety Alliance

Whey And Glutathione Safety Alliance

Glutathione is the body’s own substance, which consists of three amino acids: glycine, glutamate and cysteine. The latter is the main factor in most glutathione positive effects:improve immune function or disposal. neutralization of toxic substances or disposal. neutralization of carcinogenic substances neutralization of free radicals, among other things produced during exercise protection against ionizing radiation construction and repair of genetic material building protein construction of prostaglandin transport of amino acids regulate the activities of various enzymes

As already mentioned, the main institution responsible for these effects amino acid cysteine, the more accurately its sulfur atom to react with other molecules and in such a way to neutralize or promote their further positive action. Theoretically, all these positive effects of the cysteine itself sufficient, but it would probably be enough toxic; solution is tying the molecule glutathione, which is located in body tissues in relatively high concentrations.

In situations of increased stress, that even during exercise, the consumption of glutathione for protective purposes greatly increased its concentration in the body rapidly declining. The process is reversed in conditions of reduced stress – glutathione synthesis exceeds its consumption. Speed of production is dependent on the availability of its basic constructs, the above-mentioned amino acids, which is also a critical factor cysteine. It is therefore important that the consumption of adequate food to ensure an adequate intake of this amino acid. One of the best sources of cysteine is a protein afla lactalbumin, and these are found in large quantities in human breast milk and whey obtained in the processing of animal milk.

Research shows that regular consumption of whey over time lead to higher concentrations of glutathione in the body’s cells. It is unprocessed just as effective as whey protein concentrates and isolates only that, but for the same amount of alpha-lactalbumin be consumed much larger quantity of untreated whey.

Since in our unprocessed whey general sales hard to come by a visit to the trade in sports nutrition most economic choice. Offer whey concentrates and isolates varied, some attention is also paid to product quality. Unfortunately, such that the customer can orient only to priznanost manufacturer and price – more expensive products to be higher quality (and of course this is not essential). For those who have the composition of whey preparation is more important than the composition of the wallet, they are on the market (not us) are also available humanized Whey isolates that are common isolates, which have added some alpha-lactalbumin.