Gym Etiquette

Gym Etiquette

Learn how to have a good workout and avoid annoying others.

Probably everyone was a little worried before going to the gym for the first time. How to look right among those experienced exercisers? How to use the machines correctly? How to behave properly and not to make yourself a fool? In search of answers, you could read dozens of articles and watch hundreds of videos on YouTube. Still, even if you have a training program and can distinguish dumbbells from a gymnastic wheel, there are some unspoken rules that everyone should be familiar with.

While it’s completely acceptable to sweat and make angry face expressions while you exercise, there are things that will surely annoy other gym-goers. Knowing some rules will give you confidence and make your stay comfortable for everyone in the gym.

Gym Etiquette

Be considerate of others. The gym is a place where many people are working out not just to stay in shape. They need to focus on their exercise, so try not to forget the reason you came. Want to discuss your training program with a new friend? You are welcome, but do it in a way that will not disturb others. After a while you will understand how distracting and even annoying people are, when they scream into a cell phone while on the treadmill.

It’s not a sin to interact with other exercisers. Ask others for assistance and never refuse to help yourself. However, if someone is using a machine not according to your understanding, better do not interfere with an advice. Nobody likes to receive advises from strangers, especially beginners, who generally feel insecure in a new atmosphere. Exception are cases that can possibly lead to an injury.

Try not to make noise with the weight plates, though it may happen that you accidently drop some of them on your first day. Don’t throw weights on the floor, it’s an easy way to break someone’s toe.

Leave no trace. Wipe the machines and benches after using them. Take a towel or use wipes offered by most gyms for this purpose. Don’t push the barbell with your feet. It is quite straightforward – people will take the bar with their hands, so don’t touch it with dirty sneakers.

Do not forget to put inventory back to its place, disassemble the barbells and dumbbells. Think about others, since a girl who may be exercising after you would not be able to disassemble a 200-kilogram barbell.

Do not disassemble the barbells without consideration. Before you adjust the equipment for your needs, ask others if they are no longer using it.

Do not start your workout without taking a shower. Care to cover yourself in the locker room, so it will be a comfortable place for everyone. Be moderate in using perfume, since intensive aromas can annoy other exercisers.

Tips For Effective Workout

Some people in the gym are just scary to look at. They drop the equipment carelessly, throw weights here and there, and just clearly overdo with their exercises. These simple advises may help you to get an effective workout and avoid hurting yourself.

  • Instead of just coming to the gym and randomly choosing machines, better to mind a training program in advance. It might imply self-education as well as hiring a personal trainer.
  • Learn how the equipment works. If you are not sure how to use the machines correctly, simply ask the gym staff or someone around for help. Don’t be the one to use a leg press machine for doing crunches.
  • Control your intensity. You can actually see some people vomit after exercise because overstraining oneself. Beginners often don’t know how much they can handle or exercise to soon after having a meal. Educate yourself about the basic training rules and learn how to monitor your intensity.
  • When on a treadmill, don’t hold the rails. Your exercise will be more effective, if you let your arms swing naturally. If you need to hold the rails for safety, it means the speed or incline are too high.
  • Don’t swing the weights. Use slow and controlled movements when lifting the dumbbells. If you are unable to do so, that means the weights are too heavy.
  • When working with free weights, it’s important not to overstrain yourself. It doesn’t really matter how many people are in the hall – remember, they are much more focused on contemplating themselves in mirrors than on your attempts to press a barbell 2 times your own weight. Be realistic – if your attempt fails, you will have to lie down for some time.

Coming to a new gym is not easy, especially for beginners. Take your time to learn the rules of your club and always mind the basic gym etiquette. It will help you to earn respect of other gym-goers and avoid unnecessary conflicts.